The contractual relationships between parties on a project differ depending on the procurement strategy used: design-build, design-bid-build, guaranteed maximum price, construction manager at risk, cost plus, build operate transfer, turnkey, lump sum, etc. Not only do the divisions of scope differ from one procurement method to another but also the management of the project budget and the project financing must be adjusted from case to case and depending on whether the project is a public, private, or a public-private initiative.

    Regardless of the idiosyncrasies inherent to each delivery method, the management of the project on behalf of the owner involves such challenges as the correct delineation of scope, a shrewd management of the budget, an astute monitoring of the schedule, a close enforcement of the performance requirements and the ideal selection of project participants. An effective application of Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology combined with the use of a robust BIM collaboration platform that both manages and facilitates the work of the project participants has been proven to have produced solutions towards the above mentioned challenges.

    For example, utilising a model organized and broken down into the separate building trades facilitates the clarification of scope boundaries. Tying the construction sequenced model to financial metrics and material costs produces highly insightful reports that aid in the management of the budget. Construction sequence simulations allow close scrutiny of potential schedule risks. The quality of project participant’s works—and ultimately the building—can be assessed against the Building Information Model through the reintegration of 3D laser scanning data of the as-built construction. Ideal project participants would have demonstrated their superior knowledge of the complexities of the project through the employment of BIM technology even from the tender submission stage. In each of these examples, Syntegrate has experience in implementing the systems and the know-how to achieve the benefits desired by the project, construction, or cost manager.

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