Synthesizing Disciplines, Integrating Technologies


    Syntegrate Facade Design is a division of Syntegrate that specializes in the design and engineering of facade systems. We leverage the power of advanced 3D modeling from our BIM (Building Information Modeling) division and our in-depth knowledge of fabrication processes and material properties to produce optimized solutions for complex building envelopes.

    Our objective is to leverage technology, in all its current forms, to realize our built environment more appropriately, more efficiently, and more sustainably.

    Syntegrate Says


    Lionel Lambourn


    Lionel established Syntegrate at the beginning of 2014 in order to provide the next generation of Building Information Modelling …… more

    Seonwoo Kim


    Seonwoo is Syntegrate’s leading expert in building geometry. Through advanced 3D analyses….more

    Kenji Watanabe


    Kenji brings to Syntegrate a level of hard-earned knowledge that can only be gained from years of hands-on……more