The completed building is a large, complex and very expensive asset to the owner. Upon handover from the general contractor, the building owner expects the funds that were invested into the project to begin generating a return. How quickly that return is generated is, in part, dependent on how well the completed building is managed during its operations. The building operator or the facilities maintenance (FM) team is tasked with the management of the owner’s building and to do so as economically and efficiently as possible with the safety and comfort of its occupants in mind.

    Having quick and easy access to accurate operational data on the various components and systems of the building asset allows the FM team to plan and execute its operational tasks and to rapidly respond to and resolve issues when they arise. The application of recent developments in facilities maintenance technology addresses this requirement and greatly assists the FM team in striking the optimum balance between the various operational requirements.

    However, as a precursor to the implementation and proper functioning of the FM technology, an accurate and up-to-date Building Information Model (BIM) of the as-built condition is required. If the BIM is handed over at the completion of construction with in accurate geometry and missing or out-of-date operations and maintenance data, then the ability to leverage the power of FM technology will be significantly compromised. Moreover, the value of the FM model is that it is an accurate representation of the operational aspects of a building at any given time.

    However, almost from the moment operations begin, its occupants often require modifications to the building to meet their specific needs such as the relocation of interior walls, the repositioning or replacement of MEP services, the erection of a mezzanine floor, or the installation of steel structure for some decorative installation, etc. The FM model, if not updated for these modifications, may lose its ability to serve its intended function when some future maintenance issue arises at that location as the conditions no longer match the model.

    Syntegrate is experienced in leveraging the latest developments in facilities maintenance technology to protect and preserve the value of the building asset and its contents and to assist the FM team in the economical and efficient management of operations. We can ensure that the model created of the as-built conditions is geometrically accurate and contains the most up-to-date operations and maintenance data in preparation for handover from the general contractor to the owner’s FM team.

    Furthermore, Syntegrate can provide technical assistance in the implementation of an FM system and maintain the FM model so that it remains accurate, up-to-date, and, therefore, able to fully serve its purpose at all times during operations.