Over the course of a project, Owners and developers will have invested a tremendous amount of cash and, depending on the effectiveness of the team that has been selected for the procurement; owner-developers will be subject to varying levels of risk. While every owner-developer is all too aware of the presence of risks that will result in budget overruns, the management of project financing is further exacerbated by the uncertain timing of these unexpected expenditures. Most owner-developers are balancing the financial needs of one construction project in the context of a portfolio of other projects and investments. Therefore, a reduction in the amount of cost overruns and, even more importantly, any improvement in the ability to foretell when such overruns might occur will significantly reduce “shocks” to the portfolio as a whole.

    The reduction of project-related volatility allows the owner-developer’s fund managers to keep more cash in assets generating positive returns for longer. The intelligent application of technology is one of the ways to reduce project-related volatility.

    Syntegrate is experienced in the identification of design and construction issues that go unnoticed by architects, engineers or contractors. Rather than allowing unresolved design issues to turn into expensive problems and compromised construction; through the use of Building Information Modelling and Management technology, hundreds of design and construction issues can be identified and steered towards resolutions which respect the original design intent and the project budget.

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