Shibuya Tower

Date. 2014 – 2015
Location. Shibuya Udagawa-cho, Tokyo, Japan
Type. Office & residential tower
Size. 46,250 sqm.
Client. Nikken Sekkei Ltd.

Architect. Nikken Sekkei Ltd.

Main Contractor. Sumitomo Coporation


The Shibuya Udagawa-cho project represents a new type of tower in Shibuya. The tower will be a landmark by standing in contrast to its context with it’s uniquely curved shape. Like an egg splitting open with new life, the building breathes a new mood into the Shibuya neighborhood.

BIM Scope of Work

  • Define a parametric surface driver that will meet the design intent and be the foundation for further rationalisation and optimisation
  • Develop and optimise the envelope design while maintaining a constrained overall gross floor area.
  • Define the analytical work flow in order to assess the fabrication aspects of the envelope panels.

BIM Value Delivered

  • Created a parametric superellipsoid facade surface to drive design development and manage rapid design updates.
  • Parametric model automatically outputs the live floor area calculations to ensure the desired gross floor area is maintained.
  • Defined a work flow which allows level specific panel subdivisions, Panel angle/size analyses which will facilitate full panel optimisation.