Genomics Headquarter Building

Date. 2009 – 2012
Location. Shenzhen, China
Type. Research center
Size. 12,000 sqm.
Client. Genomics (BGI Group)

Architect. HSA Architects

Owner To be determined


Research center for one of the fastest developing high-tech companies in China. The project adopted many green technologies to be in-line with the company’s value to emphasise coporate social responsibilities. The building includes 8000 m2 of BIPV (Building Integrated Photo-voltaics).

Design Scope of Work

  • Curtain-wall design
  • BIPV (Building Integrated Photo-voltaics) integration into building envelope
  • Design and development of the facade system

Design Value Delivered

  • Conducted feasbility studies for the adoptation of a BIPV facade.
  • Prepared statutory submission and coordination with local authorities to deliver power back to the electricity grid.
  • The completed BIPV system could deliver up to 1000KW of power for in-house or could be sold back to the electricity grid.