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Global Dealer Space Identity Goyang Auto Complex

Date. 2014 to current
Location. Goyang-si, South Korea
Type. Automobile Facility
Size. 63,657 sqm.
Client. Steel Life

Architect. Delugan Meissl Associated Architects

Owner. Hyundai Motor Company


Serving as focal point for the community, one of the signature elements of the Joryedong Catholic Church is the roof which is composed of panelised aluminium which wraps continuously around the elevation of the building.

BIM Scope of Work

  • Rationalisation of Roof Surface
  • Panelisaton of Roof Surface
  • Optimisation of Roof Panels
  • Data Extraction and Documentation

BIM Value Delivered

  • Working with the designers, the roof surface was rationalised to ensure that the geometry was inherently build-able
  • Developed the most favourable panelisation strategy with respect to aesthetic as well as fabrication concerns
  • Further optimised the geometry of the panels to reduce costs
  • Generated the panel construction documents and the necessary data for fabricators from the BIM