Admiralty Station, Skylight Entrance

Date. 2016
Location. Hong Kong
Type. Metro station
Size. 150 sqm of cladding
Client. Kier Laing O’Rourke Kaden JV

Architect. Arup

Owner MTR Corporation Ltd.


This complex new entrance to the expanded Admiralty station is geometrically constructed from the intersection between a compressed spherical volume and a slanting cylinder. Further complications came in the form of a two stage contruction process required by the owner. In the first phase, the curved front face is realised as a “temporary works” facade using steel mullions and brackets. Then, at a later date, the final glass fins and glazing would replace the temporary works. This phasing demanded that the design accommodate both the steel mullions and the final glass fins.

Design Scope of Work

  • Resolve setting out discrepancies to design mullion and bracket system for the two phases of installation
  • Design and specify waterproofing strategy for the skylight surface which is curved in two directions
  • Define and optimise purlins for supporting the waterproofing and final external panels
  • Utilise the BIM to optimise the design of the various systems, extract drawings and setting out data, and assist with methods statement

Design Value Delivered

  • Delivered a mullion and bracket design that not only accommodated for the two-phased construction but significantly simplified fabrication, setting out and installation in both phases
  • Replaced flawed waterproofing strategy with an effective and time-saving system
  • Optimised purlin placement and geometry to eliminate the need for purlins to be curved in two directions while fully retaining design intent
  • Parametric modelling used at every stage to accelerate design, drawing production, data extraction and methods development