Admiralty Integrated Station & Shatin Central Line

Date. 2014 – 2016
Location. Admiralty, Hong Kong
Type. Rail
Size. Approx. 7km long & 30,000 sqm
Client. Kier-Laing O’Rourke-Kaden JV

Architect. Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Limited

Owner. Mass Transit Railway Corporation


This is a station extension project on the Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway system. As one of the interchange stations on Hong Kong’s busy MTR, Admiralty station will need to accommodate 2 new railway lines, the Shatin to Central Line (SCL) and the South Island Line (SIL). This project is further complicated by the fast track delivery of the construction.

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BIM Scope of Work

  • Construction Methodology Visualization
  • Regularly incorporate as-built data into the BIM
  • 4D Simulation
  • Quantity Assessment
  • Logistics Sequencing

BIM Value Delivered

  • Successfully assisted the main contractor to develop constructable method statements throughout construction.
  • Effectively used the as-built data in the BIM to analyse and precisely coordinate subsequent construction
  • Improved construction strategies, safety measures and work procedures through the use of BIM
  • BIM produced accurate calculations of resource levels and construction costs to assist in planning
  • Visualize and optimise upcoming works to improve space utilization on a very constrained site.