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Gwangmyeong Cave

Date. 2016 to Present
Location. Gwangmyeong City, Republic of Korea
Type. Cultural Heritage and Exhibition Space
Size. 7.8 km of mining caves
Client. Gwangmyeong City

Architect. Forum DnP

Owner. Gwangmyeong City Government


Gwangmyeong Cave is the site of a former gold mine which has been closed since 1972. In recognition of its historical significance to the economic development of Gwangmyeong as a city, the city government decided in 2011 to rennovate the caves as a heritage site for cultural tourism. Parts of the cave and its surrounding areas will be developed into a visitor centre including a museum, exhibition spaces, a theme park for families, a 3D theater linked by a monorail transportation system.

BIM Scope of Work

  • Cave scanning data review and cave 3D model creation
  • Site conditions model creation and geological data analysis
  • Design simulation for cave entrance and monorail design
  • Data extraction to support design development

BIM Value Delivered

  • ¬†Enhanced visibility for unknown parts of the cave
  • Accurate analyses for design based on digitized survey data
  • Effective decision making through design simulations combined with virtual and augmented reality
  • Accurate data creation and provisions in preparation for construction phase