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Global Dealer Space Identity Goyang Auto Complex

Date. 2014 to current
Location. Goyang-si, South Korea
Type. Automobile Facility
Size. 63,657 sqm.
Client. Steel Life

Architect. Delugan Meissl Associated Architects

Owner. Hyundai Motor Company


Designed as a display centre for Hyundai automobilies and as an office for the Hyundai Motor Company, the Goyang Autocomplex’s unique roof design is comprised of a doubl-glazed aluminium panels set on a steel substructure.

Design Scope of Work

  • Coordinate the design of the building trades especially in areas interfacin with the roof system
  • Develop and optimise design of roof mounting brackets
  • Optimisation of Roof Panels
  • Data Extraction and Documentation

Design Value Delivered

  • Ensured the roof design is fully coordinated in the BIM.
  • Developed details in the BIM to ensure the mounting brackets were coordinated between the unique panel geometry and the secondary steel substructure
  • Optimised the geometry of the panels to reduce costs and time during fabrication and setting-out
  • Generated the panel construction documents and the necessary data for fabricators from the BIM