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Museum of Indigenous Knowledge

Date. 2015 – Present
Location. Manilla, Philippines
Type. Cultural
Size. 9,000+ Sqm.
Client. Kengo Kuma and Associates

Architect. Yesong Architects

Owner. Goseong-Gun


The museum is dedicated to 4,000 years of cultural history, beginning with the Neolithic period, which inspired Kuma to design a building with a Stone Age aesthetic. The artificial ravine is an open area filled with greenery and landscape elements with trees, stonework and water features. This unusual project includes cafes, restaurants, exhibition areas, museum, and museum galleries.

BIM Scope of Work

  • Analysis and rationalisation of facade surface and structure
  • Optimisation of geometry to improve constructability
  • Data extraction and documentation
  • Schematic model authoring and automation

BIM Value Delivered

  • Allowed architect to assess the constructability of the geometry and simplify it in areas that would not harm the design intent
  • Provided in-depth understanding of the complex spatial arrangement in order to optimise configuration of interiors.
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