Seonwoo Kim

    Seonwoo Kim


    Date. 2009-2013
    Location. Seoul, South Korea
    Type. Cultural Complex
    Size. 85,320 sqm

    DDP, the Dongdaemun Design Park, is undeniably Seoul’s most irregularly shaped building. It is covered with approximately 46,000 uniquely shaped panels. About 48% of the panels are double-curved.

    King Abdullah Sports City

    Date. 2011-2014
    Location. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
    Type. Multi-purpose Sports Hall & Stadium
    Size. 31,031 sqm (indoor space)

    The King Abdullah Sports City Multi-purpose Sports Hall and Athletics Stadium contains a 60,000 seat football stadium, a 10,000 seat multi-purpose sports hall, a 1000 seat athletics stadium, extensive outdoors training and playing facilities and a mosque. Advanced BIM tools were used to turn an unrealisable design intention into a feasible building within a fast-tracked construction programme.

    National Museum of Qatar

    Date. 2010-2014
    Location. Doha, Qatar
    Type. Museum
    Size. 43,000 sqm

    The National Museum of Qatar, designed by Jean Nouvel, is inspired by the shape of a desert rose crystal. Its exterior is created by a series of interlocking discs that create cavities to protect visitors from the desert heat.


    Seonwoo is Syntegrate’s leading expert in building geometry. Through advanced 3D analyses, incorporation of fabrication constraints, optimization of a building’s form and a panel’s shape, Seonwoo tranforms the unbuildable and the unaffordable into a project that is both within budget and deliverable on time. Previously, Seonwoo utilised these skills, while at Gehry Technologies, on such iconic projects as the Dongdaemun Design Park & Plaza in Seoul and the National Museum of Qatar in Doha.