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Penta Hotel

Date. 2015
Location. Tuen Mun, Hong Kong
Type. Hotel
Size. 20,000 sqm.


Owner. LUKS Group


The second Hong Kong property for the successful, Europe-based, Pentahotels brand, the Pentahotel Tuen Mun is created out of a completely renovated former industrial high-rise building. The hotel has 13 storeys with 298 rooms and is located in Tuen Mun, providing a seaside environment with seafood markets and heritage landmarks—a counterpoint to Hong Kong’s more urban locations.

BIM Scope of Work

  • Create mechanical and plumbing model for key areas of building
  • Create steel structural support model for mechanical and plumbing elements
  • Perform initial coordination for mechanical and plumbing
  • Export mechanical and plumbing with supports for architectural visualisation

BIM Value Delivered

  • Clarified spatial reservation requirements for mechanical and plumbing in key areas of building
  • Provided 3D feedback to architect for further refinement of the mechanical and plumbing design
  • Based on the 3D model, architect was able to clarify the design intent and facilitate buy-in from the owner