Lionel Lambourn

    Lionel Lambourn

    Fondation Louis Vuitton

    Date. 2009-2010
    Location. Paris, France
    Type. Museum
    Size. 69,965 sqm

    The Fondation Louis Vuitton opened its doors in 2014. Twelve large glass sails cover the body of the building, an assembly of white blocks referred to as the “iceberg”, give the building its volume.

    Yas Hotel

    Date. 2007-2009
    Location. Abu Dhabi, UAE
    Type. Hotel
    Size. 85,000 sqm

    This hotel is comprised of two 300m long elliptical blocks each ten storeys high. A large free-span, fuselage-like steel bridge spanning the F-1 racetrack below connects both hotel towers. The entire complex is covered in a steel and glass grid shell structure.

    Al Bahr Towers

    Date. 2010-2013
    Location. Abu Dhabi, UAE
    Type. Office towers
    Size. 75,000 sqm

    Two office towers accommodate 2,100 occupants. A key feature of the design is a shading screen which opens and closes in response to the sun’s path, significantly reducing solar heat gain and providing a more comfortable internal environment.


    Lionel established Syntegrate at the beginning of 2014 in order to provide the next generation of Building Information Modelling services to the architecture community and the construction industry.
    Lionel gained his experience in BIM through his time with Gehry Technologies as the Managing Director for the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions. In that time he lead the team on such projects as the Yas Hotel, Abu Dhabi; the Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris; and the Al Bahr Towers, Abu Dhabi..