Hanergy Heyuan Power Plant

Date. 2013
Location. Heyuan, China
Type. Energy Station
Size. 40,000 sqm.
Client. Hanergy Holding Group Ltd.

Architect. Industrial Development

Owner Hanergy Holding Group Ltd.


Large-scale roof solar power station for one of the major manufacturers of thin film solar panels in the world. This is Hanergy’s showcase solution for the provision of solar power to its home town.

Design Scope of Work

  • Design of roofing system to support large scale BIPV (Building Integrated Photo-voltaics) panels
  • Prepare statutory submission and coordination with local authorities to deliver power to grid

Design Value Delivered

  • Conducted feasbility studies for the solar power station.
  • Development of proprietary sub-structure for BIPV’s integration into the roofing systems.
  • The completed roof’s solar farm could deliver up to 10MW at full capacity.